Arrived to Port on Swedish West Coast?
Kylkontroll can help you with an array of aircondition and refrigeration services
on your vessel:

Service, Survey & Re-Fits
Need a survey that let You know where you stand or support with Your refrigeration system?
We service and repair all types of aircondition and refrigeration equipment.
We have also refitted numerous vessels of all types and sizes with new equipment.

Consult with us any matter concerning the air condition or refrigeration equipment.
We can assist your vessel over the phone or by e-mail with troubleshooting of equipment.
If you not sure, let us help you make the correct decision.

We help you with design and estimate what cost might be incurres with repairs
or installation of new equipment.

Contact us today:
Phone: +46 31 68 57 20

Kylkontroll Göteborg AB
Besöksadress: E A Rosengrens Gata 15, Västra Frölunda,
Postadress: E A Rosengrens Gata 15, 421 31, Västra Frölunda
Telefon: 031-68 57 20, E-post: